IRAN, as seen with E-M5 Dramatic Tone and Monotone (IMGS)

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no Voigtländer - other lenses

Ollie 2 wrote:

Great shots, Roel. Really nice consistent processing too.

One criticism….where was the the Voigt??????!!!!!

Too heavy, right?

You left it at home, didn’t you?

I did indeed NOT take the Voigtländer 17.5mm.

When packing my travel photo bag, I did consider taking it (it is always on my shortlist), but it really took too much space, especially considering the shooting I anticipated.

I figured that I would be shooting mostly in good light anyway (much more daylight than nightlife in Iran), so using the Voigtländer for low light would not really be necessary: if I wanted it for shallow DOF in good light, I would have to start using ND filters, at the risk of losing the moment.

The Voigtländer for me is mainly a low light and indoors documentary lens.

I settled for :

E-M5 with 12-40 (main lens), small 40-150 for occasional tele, Rokinon 7.5mm for fisheye.

Those were used for the bulk of my shooting : the 12-40 problably for 80 % (superb gear), the 40-150 mainly for some compressed landscapes (I never felt the need for more reach) and building details and the 7.5mm for anything crazy (probably 10% of all shooting is fisheye, and for the keepers the ratio is higher).

For low light, I took the 45mm (used it sparingly) and the 20mm (I used it just once during an evening with Tehran friends-of-friends, but those shots are private.

And I took the LX7 as backup camera and to have something ready while travelling fully packed.

Post some more. It makes for a nice series.

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