Protective filter… or not? I say beware of filter quality.

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Re: Protective filter… or not? I say beware of filter quality.

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

re: "The filter on the front is an Optex 55 mm HAZE(UV) and it did not appear "overly" filthy, but it did appear to have a film of sorts."

Let's see: cheap / no-name filter, film on it, somewhat dirty--any surprise it degrades image quality?

On sufficiently-expensive lenses, I usually (not always) use a protective filter, but I always get a good one. Generally I find that the better Hoya filters are multi-coated, well-made, and relatively reasonably-priced, so I get a filter from their "Pro 1" line or similar. Right now B&H has a clear one in 55mm for $16.95. When you get to, say, a 77mm protective filter you might have to spend $50 for a good one.

I think the surprise to me is that I never noticed this degradation of IQ back in the days of film using this same lens and filter. Perhaps it is a matter of incompatibility with the glasses/coatings and digital sensors. Or maybe now that it so easy to pixel peep we just do too much of it. But I think that is dodging the issue. The differences between the no filter vs filter are just too obvious even without magnifying the images. I will try swapping filters among several lenses to see if it is actually lens dependent, as some have suggested.

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