DP Review Needs a Lesson (or I do)

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Re: DP Review Needs a Lesson (or I do)

bruxi wrote:

Exactly. And the "average" of this shot is a dark grey in most moon shots, not a light grey as the OP says.


Buddy, let me explain. Where you got this wrong was your assumption that this is a capture of a "bright white subject". You have to think of the entire frame of most moon shots in camera. Your flaw here is the assumption that there is more bright moon than black sky, and that this results in the camera metering on average for a "very bright grey". What the writer thought about (and you did not), is that this shot is mostly pitch black sky, not moon (don't forget, the camera doesn't meter for the final cropped image that you are so used to seeing when people share their moon shots). So unless you have a $10,000 600mm plus lens, this is a predominantly black image so the average that the camera meters for Is a very dark grey, not a very bright grey as you so erroneously state. I could tell you were off track with your sand/snow reference.

Until the majority of shooters are sporting $10k lenses (ie. never) he's right, you're wrong. I think your free "lesson" should be googling "18% grey card"!

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