Fuji X-T1 - What's your favorite setup and why?

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Re: Fuji X-T1 - What's your favorite setup and why?

AlbieSky wrote:

Tunkel wrote:

I've been fortunate to order and actually receive(!) an X-T1 and have been having a great time with it. The thing I have only limited patience for, however, is figuring out the infinite setup and Fn button possibilities.

Would those who have given this some thought (and likely have more general experience than me) want to list their settings (and the thinking behind them) so that the complexity challenged can get some help?

The number of interacting settings is a bit mind boggling. When I got to "Face Detection turns off focus point selection" I decided to ask for help!

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You would expect tons of responses to a question like yours (I too asked this question before). This Fuji forum is a bit different than what I am used to at the Nikon forum. I think because their Fuji camera is a secondary camera?

I am still trying to figure optimal Fn programming myself. I think the best Fn for the Focus point selection is the front button by where you middle finger tip naturally rests. Press it, then use the thumb pad to move the square and use your front or back dials to change the size of the focus square. Most of my pictures are my family so I have the XT1 on Face Detection, which then messes me up when I try to move the Focus Point. However, I still think its the best Fn button to choose for the Focus Point Selection.

I took Macro off, but then placed it back on a Fn button. I was trying to take a close up/pseudo macro with my 18-55 and the camera was hunting. I thought stupid camera/lens can't focus easily on something close up when cheap P&S can??? I placed the Macro on the bottom thumb pad so I could associate bottom=low=macro=close up.

I had to also assign Face Rec on a function button, which I chose the left thumb pad. I got to remember to test how well the camera does on keeping someone's eye in focus using the Face Detec setting versus putting the square on someone's face. If placing the Focus Point Selection square on someone's face also gives great eye focus, then I may just keep Face detec off, and then place some other Fn/mode on the left button.

Since I bought the XT1 to use as a jpg machine, I keep the different film styles selection mode on the upper thumb pad fn button.

I think the right thumb pad function button is the harder one to easily press. I assigned the Bracket/Special mode to that function button. I am still experimenting on this button.

"Fuji camera is a secondary camera..."

That may be a temporary state of affairs!

Meanwhile, I hope to see other responses.  I'd love to contrast the various thinking on this.

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