EP5 vs EM10: A subjective comparo

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EP5 vs EM10: A subjective comparo


They're both built very solidly, with no creaks, not flexes

Due to the lack of EVF, and thicker body, the EP5 seems to be a bit more sturdy

-> EP5 by a tad


The EM10 button feels plasticky and wiggles a bit in its socket

Both are precise, quiet and  sound quite pleasant

The EP5 has a smoother metallic sound

-> EP5 by a hair


Both very sharp, detailed, and bright; truthful colors



Even though the EM10 refreshes quickly and is quite bright, it pales when compared next to the VF4

It's not unlike looking through a FF OVF vs a FT OVF

-> EP5 by a good margin


No discernible differences if any



Those who favor a SLR like would pick the EM10; it's cute and the prism looks just right (unlike the tall EVF of its siblings)

As for me, the cleaner and more classic lines of the EP5 win out; except when mounting the huge EVF on top

-> EP5 for my RF taste


The weakest link in the EM10; it leaves dark shadows at the bottom of the images

The EP5 is less intrusive and a bit more powerful

-> EP5 by a hair


Both are hard on the fingers if used with a heavy lens like the 12-40mm

The EM10 + add on grip win hands down

The EP5 could use a larger grip but alas it can't

-> EM10+ grip by a margin

Feel and control:

The EM10 dual wheels are magnificent

However they are a bit slippery and the rear wheel is a bit harder to reach

The more subtle wheels on the EP5 are less susceptible to mishaps

+  the 2 lever positions is very clever

the thumb grip on the EM10 is better to hold

+ the buttons on the 4 way controller are more precise

-> slight advantage to EM10


Longer life on the EP5 (can share with EM5)

But EM10 can share with previous Pens

-> Ad to EP5


EP5 has 5-axis IBIS + 1/8000 speed

EM10 has 81 AF points

At 1/3rd less cost the EM10 wins on value


EM10 feels friendly and can be easily be a workhorse

EP5 has more flair and class

It's not unlike a white collar vs a blue collar worker

I'd mount a fixed focal on the EP5 and have the 12-40mm on the EM10

Each would be used for different purposes: the EM10 for all around, the EP5 for street, landscapes and portraits

Horses  for courses like they say

They're both wonderful and great tools

I feel blessed to own them both


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