Is it time to reconsider camera ratings?

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Re: Absurd Proposal

jkoch2 wrote:

Aren't all your kids, cameras, cars, and fancies above average? Why demand that DPR treat its kids more meanly?

DPR cannot possibly review every camera device made. Perhaps half are not worth anyone's attention. The better part of the P&S segment is doomed anyway, independent of camera quality.

Consequently, there is a selective skew in the cameras that get any score at all.

This argument doesn't hold up for ILCs and enthusiast level cameras with built in lenses since DPR reviews essentially all of them.

Most of the better cameras are more or less good or even excellent. To limit award status to a small quotient would defy the reliability of the scores and weights. The weights given to ergonomics, value, or video performance have a lot to do with personal taste. To limit "victory" to models that attain some abstract scores (perhaps by mere decimal places) would be an injustice.

You've just made an excellent argument for eliminating the scores and awards.

Yes, the Olympics awards only one gold, silver, or bronze medal for each event, no matter how many the contestants. But if all the 100m dash contestants finish within 0.5 second of eachother, and rank in the world's top 0.01%, isn't any one of them a champion? And then there is a redundancy of events: beach volleyball, etc. So if you pretend exclusive ratings by any single criteria (sprint speed), you throw it away by a redundancy of categories.

The fact that Olympic and professional athletes are among the world's top 0.01% doesn't mean they don't have meaningful differences in ability.  If this wasn't the case then there wouldn't be superstars who win multiple titles and earn salaries much greater than those of the other professionals.

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