Is it legal to shoot anywhere that is 'public'?

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Is it legal to shoot anywhere that is 'public'?

If you are able to view a building, an object, out in public, can you generally photograph it?

I'm reading in Road & Track magazine how a writer/photographer was run off after trying to photograph the outside of a shopping mall where Riverside Raceway used to be.

I've had at least 2 similar incidents, I was standing in a driveway at the entrance of an interesting looking building, photographing the roundabout filled with flowers (Mazda Development offices) and a big security guard came out and said to stop, photos are not allowed by Mazda. If I had been 10 feet further back, I'd have been on the public sidewalk or in the street.

Would he have a right to stop me if I had been in the street?

Another time, I was in the parking lot in front of a retail store, taking a photo of an interesting building.Security walked up to me and said 'my boss does not allow photos'.

No people involved either time, nor any products, just taking a shot of a building. In both cases I was standing on private property.

The Mazda building is probably not open to the public. The retail store is definitely open to the public. Both in southern California.

What are our legal rights as to taking photos out in the open, in public? Must we be standing on public soil to be legal?

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