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I've never done well going for full moon images, but with the full lunar eclipse scheduled tonight at 2300 hours in Southern California, I'm going to try again. Shooting from my tripod with my A57 and Sony 55-300 F 4.5-5.6 lens, I hope to get a decent shot but really don't know the best settings to use. We will have a clear field of view, so can anyone recommend the f-stop and speed to have the best chance of getting a good image? Thanks in advance.

you need a tripod, and a relatively long lens, 250mm + or 200 with a TC.

1st put it on A mode, F8-F11, w/e you want, but fall between that range for maximum sharpness. ISO 100

Find the moon and meter (center weight or spot), meter right at the moon, and shoot, the moon is very bright, you should not have to use a long shutter.

That should be all it is, you definitely need a long lens though, I'll say that much haha.

I also tried with my A77 and beercan at 210mm on a pretty light tripod, but I was not able to get the shutter speed to a reasonable range where I can get a sharp image, is it because it is not long enough? Most of the sharp results were at ISO 800, there is only one sharp image at ISO 200, all ISO 100 shots were very soft/blurry.

By the time I went out, the moon is no longer that red, only slightly red, but when use AWB, the result is somewhat grey, like a regular moon color, so I added some red in Photoshop, but I don't think I completely restored the color, here's the result with some cropping:

Your metering is off, what you need to do is zoom into the moon and see if you can get any details (aka it's not blown out), the moon believe it or not is a very bright subject, yet there's a ton of people trying to meter the scene (aka the black sky). So this is best to be shot in manual mode if you want to make sure your meter is right.

I would start at f/8 (sharpness), ISO 400 (not that bad), and 1/200 (fast enough shutter for sharpness). then you have wiggle room on all 3 (aperture, shutter and ISO). Make sure your focus is set to infinity and leave it there (manual focus). This will ensure that your focus is never off on the moon.

Do that tonight and see if it's better. Don't need a red moon to shoot the moon. Just need a bright moon and clear sky :).

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