Commlite EF-NEX AF Converter, Mini review

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Commlite EF-NEX AF Converter, Mini review

I just received an Commlite EF-NEX AF converter from China. I paid $85 on eBay for it. It is by far the cheapest AF adapter for EF to NEX. Here is a mini review.

Please note that there are now two versions of this adapter. One with a square opening for full frame (ie. A7, A7R) and one with a round opening for APS-C (NEX 3,5,6 or A6000). This is by far one of the cheapest adapter you can get for EF-NEX with autofocus capability. Similar product like one from Metabone costs $400 at the time of review.

Build quality:
Build is solid. Not overwhelmingly so but very reasonable. It is mostly constructed out of metal with some plastic inserts for baffle. One issue noted by another reviewer here is that it uses a highly reflective plastic for inner components which could cause unwanted reflection. I plan to flock it with Edmund flocking paper. The tripod mount is held onto the barrel with a single thumb screw. I had no issue disengaging it from the barrel.
Overall rating: B

The list on the website has an extensive list of Cannon lens it works with. I only tested have a few Canon lenses with mixed results. Out of the three Canon lense tested, EF 50/1.4, EF 24-85 and EF-S 55-250 worked perfectly. Camera locked up when I tried an really old EF 28/2.8 lens on AF. Interestingly, if you leave the lens on MF, it works okay with aperture control and manual operation. It has a dismal record for third party lenses. I tried a Tamron 90 macro, a Tamron 35-105/2.8, and a Tamron 17-50, all of them doesn't autofocus, one you can change aperture with manual focus and one (macro lens) goes crazy when focus is changed (aperture changes, head scratch).
Grade: B+ (compare to Metabone)

AF works. It is not going to break any records. In stellar light it is reasonably accurate and in low light is helpless. WIth this said, it is certainly not markedly slower than the Metabones (those I see from youtube videos). This works with none USM lenses such as EF 50/1.4 which Metabone doesn't support. Certainly not good enough to track moving subjects. For casual use it is okay, I wouldn't use it for critical work.
Grade: C

EXIF, Aperture control:
No issues for lenses that works. Focal length are passed into the final JPG but not lens type (ID). Interestingly, this adapter is not stop metered and aperture doesn't close until the shutter button has been pressed. I have seen other versions of adapters where aperture closes down immediately when changed like a FE lens. However, both EVF and screen reflects the change to light gathering except DOF. In this regard it functions exactly like Canon's phase detect AF.
Grade: A-

Other intrigues:
Most of the focus modes from SONY works. Including eye-focus. Again, it won't win any awards for speed, but I deem them adequate for none critical work. Focus confirmation is indicated with green squares and beep, just like the SONY FE lens.

Again, this is the cheapest adapter you can get at the time of review. This is very reasonably priced and does what it advertises (mostly). I think some flocking or flat black paint would re-mediate the internal reflection issue.

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