X-E1 Viewfinder and First Impressions

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Re: X-E1 Viewfinder and First Impressions

mdb1986 wrote:

I have a X-E1 for about a week right now that I'm evaluating. I have both the 18-55 and 55-200 lenses. It seems OK. But the viewfinder is beyond bad. I mean, you can't read the text on the screen or anything. Looking through it is like trying to look at Mt Rushmore with reading glasses. I mean, it's awful. Perhaps it's just defective? Or maybe there's some setting I'm missing?

Other than that, I'm seeing some pretty slow focus times - especially with the 55-200 - which is ironic, since I'm coming from the EOS M, which was supposed to have the worst AF ever. The pictures certainly seem nice, but the screen isn't close to the M. It's like comparing a 2010 flip phone to the Iphone 5. I can't see a huge difference in image quality under good lighting conditions, but under high ISO, definitely a big difference. Fuji wins no question. Fuji also wins in ability to customize and neat features.

One of the big reasons I wanted to switch from M was that I thought it would become too bulky with the EF/EF-S adapter. Ironically, the M with the adapter and Tamron 18-200 is still smaller and thinner than the X-E1 with 55-200 attached.

I'll admit, perhaps I'm just a hick photography that likes "ketchup of my steak", but thought I would share my thoughts in general when asking about the viewfinder. Of course, something new is always difficult, so I'll give it time and post more once I get out and shoot with it some more.

I'm not meaning to offend anyone. So if you think I'm an incompetent idiot, please say so nicely :).

I wonder. The X-M1 might be just the ticket? This review makes the screen look really quite nice.


I Have a hard time using the viewfinder effectively anyways - as I have glasses.  Not impossible I sure, but pretty hard for me for sure.

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