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That's a good way to setup folders

WryCuda wrote:

Microsoft has always had difficulty is setting up places to store files. Early versions had no suggested folders, so users often stored stuff in the root directory. Eventually My Documents came along, then that was spoiled by the introduction of multiple user accounts; then various nonsense folders such a Public Pictures as in the following screen shot (Blue section hides folder names for posting):

Those are actually some of the better changes to Windows as it's evolved.

Having separate folders for each user account is a good idea (the way they're doing it now by having a c:\users folder, with each account have their own directory structure under that. For example:




Then, having separate folders for docs, photos, videos, music, links, desktop, downloads, etc. under those. For example:









and more (with the same type of folder structure automatically setup for each user account, using that username as part of the folder structure).

That's a good way to do it, since applications written for Windows will automatically assume the same directory (folder) structure for storing items, where image viewers will use the Pictures folders, Music Players will use the Music folder, Word Processors will use the Documents folder, Browsers will save things to the Downloads folder, etc.; and each account has it's own set of folders for common purposes.

That's the same way most Linux Distributions setup folders now, only they use /home/username (with a number of folders setup under that username for typical purposes) and Windows uses /users/username instead (also with a number of folders setup under that username for typical purposes).

As long as you setup a user as a "Standard User Account" (versus one with Admin permissions), which is the way I always setup my primary user account when running under Windows, the security works great that way (so a user only has access to their own folders, unless something is deliberately made accessable to other users by storing it in a Public folder instead).

Frankly, it's about time Windows included a more sensible folder structure and security model for that kind of thing.

So, even though I tend to criticize Microsoft for many things about how Windows is designed, I think they've been moving in the right direction as far as how they're handling the folder structure and security model for Windows now.

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