If P-R can release FA 645 lenses why not K mount

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A case for the MF mirrorless instead of an FF mirrorless

yesman12 wrote:

Hi all,
And perhaps John Carlson can answer this...

I think it is great that PR released 645 lenses.. Why not introduce the best of the K mount lenses FA * such as the 24 F2, 85 1.4 etc? In the past I heard that these lenses had issues with lead included in the glass (never understood why this was an issue as it is encapsulated). However if this were true the 645 lenses would not be allowed back.

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All 645 lenses already made, and now available in the US, can out-resolve even a 150 MP MF sensor. We can say they may last forever.

For the 135 format, available lenses are not so great. They would indeed require modifications of design, and an all new production. New type of motors, etc. to be comparable with competition. Is it justifiable? Not for all. Perhaps for just a few that are also usable on APS-C cameras.

Ultimately, it comes down to a question: does Pentax brand really needs a 135 format sized sensor? Not quite. The availability of old film lenses for the 135 format is heritage, and a coincidence too, rather than true necessity for the design of a camera system for the age of digital and new unprecedented image qualities.

A case for the MF mirrorless instead of 135 format (aka FF) mirrorless

For example, why would Pentax bother designing an all new 135 format mirrorless system many have suggested, when they could design an MF mirrorless system using this 645Z sensor?

And in one camera have both MF and FF through any crop of your choice. The number of lenses needed for an MF in such a case could be minimal; say 6 lenses instead of 12-15 for the 135 mirrorless, because the crop alone on the MF, from a perfectly usable 52 MP sensor, would allow for unbelievable new possibilities.

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