Real Estate Photography using my X-E1 and 18-55

Started Apr 15, 2014 | Photos thread
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Re: Can you provide more photographic content?

Ah! Advertisement was not my intention. And is hardly the preferred site for real estate ads.

To answer your questions


- Provia Std with the Color and Sharp set to +2, Highlight tone set to -2, Auto WB, DR 100 and ISO 200.

- HDR with -1 to +1 bracketing

- Aperture 8 and shutter speed variable.

- OIS off

The good

- The color pop and the tonal range is amazing. The photos have a glow which I find missing when using Canon.  Colors and WB are very accurate.

- I normally use RAW for HDR but in this case I found the JPEGs quality more than enough.


- Not  having a articulated screen in X-E1 was a handicap.  When the camera has to be backed up against the wall, it becomes difficult to shoot.

- Sometimes I found the AE bracketing insufficient.  -2 to +2 would have been better.

- Lens was not wide enough.  The new 10-24mm or 14mm would have been much better.

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