Choosing between Pan 14-45, 14-140MKII, 45PL, 45 PL Noct or Oly 45 for travel lens?

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Choosing between Pan 14-45, 14-140MKII, 45PL, 45 PL Noct or Oly 45 for travel lens?


I'm getting very close to purchasing a GX7 ( body only) to be my primary travel camera. I am a casual vacation and family snapper. I do like the IQ from my 7-24, and 25PL and plan to keep them. 45-200 ok, but rarely used.

I currently have a GX1 that I intend to carry as second camera with lens mounted when traveling ie. cruises, shore excursions, walking tours, etc. I am usually the group laggard, taking snaps, and last one back on the tour bus.

I have been offered a rarely used Panny 14-45 lens for $75 by a photo colleague who recently purchased a GX7 and 12-35 2.8 lens. But I am also considering the Panny 14-140MKII to avoid too many lens changes.

However, another photo colleague suggested that I consider a prime 45 instead of a zoom. Reason she said is for better IQ, and faster than either the 14-45 or 14-140MKII. And, I could have either my 7-14 or 25PL on one camera and a 45 on the other.

And now, considering instead:

  • PanLeica 45 f/2.5 Macro. (Sharp, slow f stop, reportedly slow AF?)
  • Olympus 45 f/1.7. (Sharp, lots of positive reviews, but no lens IS, best bang for $$$)
  • PanLeica 45 f/1.2 Nocticoron. (Expensive, great for limited DOF, but not as sharp as PL Macro or Oly 45? Too much lens for travel?)

Right now I'm firmly in the Panasonic MFT camp and not interested in Olympus cameras.

So, for my purposes, should I stay with my original zoom options, or consider to go with a 45 prime?

Your thoughts and recommendation?


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