tripod and ballhead suggestions

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tripod and ballhead suggestions

Ive been wanting good quality tripod for long time now.
Now that i got some camera gear again... after putting 1600$ camera lens combo on pos 30$ old tripod i got for free long time ago i know i NEED one .

Im about 5'9" 5'10" or 175 cm depending on shoes lol

Im looking for best bang for the buck of course and would like to keep it around 200$ range

My top contender is induro at 214... price is right gets raving reviews but im afraid itll be too tall after putting ballhead and camera on it even without center column extended.

Also consider vanduard alta pro 263 but its less sturdy rating wise. Plus id like 4 sections better for more compactness

Also very appealing are mefoto globetrotter and roadtrip

Lastly considering dolica cf tripods which can be had for about 150 with the head but not so sure about quality.

Also found smith victor cf tripods on bh that look ok in this price range.

I dont feel manfrotto offer best value... basically they are overpriced ...

If i get something like induro for 149 im considering smith victor bh5 or hb8 head which looks pretty great for the money.

Ballhead needs to have separate panning lock...

Also saw fancier heads on amazon and new oben stuff on BH that looks good but thats pushing it to around 250 with the legs.

I know purists will say u cant get any good tripod and head for 200 bucks but im not willing to spend 400+ on something ill only use occasionally.

Opened to all suggestions either as a combo or separate legs and head.
Please take in count my height ....tripod should be fully extended with center column down or up to maybe half way up to comfortably reach eye level.

Also ... i dont have anything super heavy lens wise now but
It should hold 70-200 2.8 lens no problem at all in case i decide to get one again in the future...
Thanks !

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