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Re: Sony FE 70-200/4G OSS

José B wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

On the Sony site when ordering the camera it gives you the option to add some accessories. One is the 1.4X Teleconverter, would this be worth it to add reach to the 70-200 or is there too much image IQ sacrificed?

Also, how does the 18-200 compare to the 70-200 and which Sony 18-200 is the best choice as I see there are a few models? I would want the 18-200 for everyday use so if the difference was drastic I would also get the 70-200 just don't want to duplicate since not gaining much on the long end.

Can't speak for AF speed with 18-200, but it may serve okay in good light. OTOH, if light is at a premium, a stop+ advantage at long end on 70-200 may help. If you expect to shoot mostlyin goodlight, 18-200 or 55-210 may suffice. Lower light: 70-200/4.

In addition to that, even in good light I like focusing on the subject while throwing off the background preferably with an f/2.8 zoom, but the f/4 should suffice. Thus budget notwithstanding, the 70-200/4 is much better than an f/6.3 like in the long end of the 18-200.

If the SEL18200 is to be used indoors for sports activities such as riding, hockey, etc., at the long end I would say that f6.3 is on the week side. The 70-200 f4 would certainly be more suitable. However, for every day use as the OP mentioned, the SEL 18200 OSS is a great lens.

Regarding José's comment about subject isolation, I have had good experience with the SEL 18200 even at 200/6.3 producing sharp images with a pleasant bokeh as seen in the attached.

Mountsberg Raptor Center

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