Panasonic GM1 - A Sweet Kit! Pics and Size Comparisons

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Panasonic GM1 - A Sweet Kit! Pics and Size Comparisons

I've been using 43 and m43 cameras for years now, starting with a E-400 and having an E-M10 on order currently.

I've been using a Panasonic GM1 this winter already, and am amazed by how incredibly responsive this little gem is, how attractive it looks with some small primes / zooms and how much FUN it is to shoot with!

I always poo-poo'd cameras with no viewfinder options but couldn't resist this one and I'm really glad I didn't! This is the first camera I've used where a viewfinder wouldn't add much, it would make things slower for me. I have the camera set up now so all I do is touch the screen where I want to area focus, and take the shot. The AF is so fast that I pretty much never have to wait and I also never have to use the focus-and-recompose method which sucks on fast glass and wide open apertures.

I thought it would be fun to compare the GM1 to my first 43 camera, to see how much things have changed.

Photo from - look how huge the E-420 looks now! E-M10 in the middle.

The GM1 and E-M10 with the Oly 9-18mm and the E-420 with the 43 Oly 9-18mm. Quite a difference!

Just for fun, I've added the Nikon D90 on the right. Now that GM1 is looking REALLY small!

But before you think the GM1 is TOO small, think again. I have medium sized hands and found that with the optional Panny grip (which should be included in the kit IMHO), the camera is perfectly sized and balances very well with many of the small Panny and Oly lenses.

I'm still waiting for some of my lenses to come in, but here's some shots with various Oly lenses that I think are sized adequately for the GM1.

From L to R, Oly special edition 12|2, Oly 45|1.8 on the camera, Oly 40-150|4-5.6, Panny 12-32|3.5-5.6, Oly 60|2.8 Macro.

The Oly 40-150 may look fairly large, but it's very light, very cheap ($120 refurb!) and actually holds very well with the grip attachment. It's also a 80-300mm, carry anywhere zoom.

The Oly 45 is perfectly balanced on the GM1.

The Oly 12 is another perfect balance, not to mention it's GORGEOUS!

With the lens hood, the 12 is a bit off-balance, but still not very.

Note how the grip makes the camera just a bit better balanced with the primes.

The 60 macro looks unbalanced, but thanks to its very light material, it certainly doesn't feel it. Macro is pretty easy when you can just touch the screen for focus and then take the shot!

Thanks for looking - I'll be sure to post more photos with this camera over the next few months as it's replaced my Sony RX100II as a hiking / skiing / mountaineering unit.

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