A6000 Best Lens For Sports Photography

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Siobhan A Senior Member • Posts: 1,857
No choice for indoor (e.g. basketball) except LA-EA adapter

Go look in the Sport Photography forum for examples.  The most popular lenses are F/1.4, F/1.8 and F/2 primes on APS and F/2.8 on Full Frame for indoors.  F/4 has a 2 stops of light disadvantage compared to F/2 leaving you taking pictures at ISO6400 or usually higher in an average lit gym.  The 55mm F/1.8 might be an option if you can get up close, after that you really need an adapter and lenses more suited to the task.

Even an F/2.8 on APS-C is not desirable.  See here:


Here is another example of where f/4 would never work.  Check the ISO, f-stop and shutter speeds:


Here is an example of a quick focusing camera and long prime:


Outdoors during the day the FE lens will be a good choice.  It maybe that is all you need.

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