What should I sell? 5D II or 7D. I have the 5DIII

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Re: What should I sell? 5D II or 7D. I have the 5DIII

crashman55 wrote:

I dont need 3 bodies, and need some opinions. I posted in lens forum by accident, so i am reposting in this category. So I own all 3 cameras and want to sell one to buy another lens, or upgrade my 70-200mm to a mkII. Anyways, i am wondering if I should sell my 5Dmk II or the 7D. I shoot weddings, and a little bit of everything else that i can.

Please help.

You can best answer this question yourself, but I'll give you a hand with what kind of question you should ask yourself in order to do it:

At any given wedding or event, is your second camera used a backup, or do you use it simultaneously in a different way?

The Mark II is obviously much closer to the Mark III. Thus, if your second camera is primarily a backup, it would be best for you. On the other hand, if you shoot simultaneously, the 7D is a terrific action and telephoto camera, and would compliment the Mark III.

For years, I paired two different 1D bodies for weddings; the 1DIIN, with a 1.3x crop, kept the 70-200 mounted, while the full frame 1Ds II kept the 24-105 L and sometimes the 17-40 L. Both cameras had straps and were constantly with me. Today, I keep a similar strategy, but with far less weight; a 6D serves as a my full-frame body, while a 60D keeps the long lens. Later on in the reception, for candids of people I interact with, I actually use just the 60D with the 17-40 and retire the 6D. People are generally more intimated by two bodies, and that particular L lens is wonderfully small, lightweight, and good for this kind of stuff on a crop body. One other thing I love about having a crop body handy is how it pairs so well with the Rokinon 8mm fisheye. Images on this lens are vignetted on full frame, but on APS-C require no cropping afterwards.

So of course, everything relies on YOUR own individual style and needs. There is no such thing as a better camera, but rather what camera is BEST FOR YOU. I've given you my approach and hopefully something to think about.

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