Using 12-40/2,8 for macro photography

Started Apr 15, 2014 | Discussions thread
Zensu11 Senior Member • Posts: 1,542
Re: Using 12-40/2,8 for macro photography wrote:

This may help. I did this a little while back.

Thanks for the link! It just proves that this lens is indeed suitable for just leaving on the camera for 90% of my needs. I still like having the 60 macro when I want to "super size" things and the 40-150 is great for pulling things in. All three of these lenses offer different close up potential. The 60 macro being the best, of course, but the 12-40 is great to have this close focusing across the full focal range and the 40-150 with a good diopter close up lens or extension tubes gets really close and gives you a ton of working distance(although the corners aren't the greatest). This is one thing I love about the micro 43's system, versatility!


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