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Jim Radcliffe wrote:

TomWret wrote:

After reading the review I would still take the K-3. It (X-T1) may have some settings where it out preforms in picture quality but It appears that it does not have the Pentax User Friendly Ergonomics(one reason I chose Pentax).

My 2 cents, Tom W(ret)

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Tom, I have and use both the Pentax (K5 IIs) and the X-T1... I assure you, the X-T1 is very much user friendly.. in every respect. Ergonomics included.

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Jim Radcliffe
The ability to 'see' the shot is more important than the gear used to capture it.

To my thinking, a lot of this talk about this camera system or that one being "marginally" better than the other (and truthfully, even for those of us really devoted and/or dedicated to only ONE system, on the truly delusional would say the differences between brands at equal levels are anything more than minor -- even though SOME of those "minor" differences mean MAJOR preferences for many of us)...

What that brings me to is that even for someone who has MONEY TO BURN, there are only so many different cameras and/or lenses anyone has time to shoot, learn and change from, one to the other. I know many of you have two-brand systems, and some even more than that. But I feel there are diminishing returns even with a two-brand system -- especially if you have several different bodies (K-5, K-3, K-30, etc.) within the same brand -- and even moreso if you also have more than about three lenses per body... It simply becomes too cumbersome to keep up with all those bodies and lenses, and time-consuming to change them, keep sure you never get dust or other contaminants in the camera and/or lens when changing, and so forth. There's only so many cameras and lenses any one person can use at any given time.

What I have is a bit less than a dozen lenses and 4 Pentax bodies (the three named above, plus the K-5IIs) and I can barely keep up with that, and need a second bag for all of it (and the bag I bought at the start was HUGE!

It's sort of like the software debates... Some folks like to debate whether Opera, Chrome, IE, Firefox (and maybe half a dozen MORE web browsers are "the best" one), and have actually downloaded, installed and spent time using/testing EACH of them to see for themselves. Who has the time for all that? I find one that works, and works WELL, and I use it and stick with it...

My first REAL experience with the internet was AOL and its built-in browser circa 1996. In those days, outside proprietary systems like AOL, the BIG DEBATE was between IE and Netscape Navigator, and A LOT of websites were designed specifically to work best with Netscape, which ended up being the one that DISAPPEARED -- AFTER AOL bought it (and apparently SHELVED IT, as there was never ANY evidence they integrated it). It appeared they DID do a deal with Microsoft and integrated a version of IE, although their browser still SUCKS most of the time, but I'm still a PAID member because I can't afford to lose my THOUSANDS of saved Favorite Places and don't know what to do with the THOUSANDS of emails I can never get caught up.

BUT as IE kept coming out with new versions, I finally decided to try it more... Well, it doesn't stream downloaded video, even on my fast system, very well at all. So at some point Google sort of slammed Chrome on me, and I let them, and THAT'S what I'm using as my primary browser now for things like this forum, and for streaming video (even though it's still only 32-bit, it works better, just won't let you download anything bigger than 2 GB). I've NOT gone beyond that.

I feel certain the X-T1 IS an excellent camera a lot of Pentax and other shooters will adopt as a second camera, and some may even switch too. But again, unless all you want to do all the time is switch cameras and lenses and learn new systems and software, that's just too much for me. I'm 95% satisfied with my K-3, and that's at least "good enough" for me. My plan is to do my best to MASTER it, and just not concern myself too much with other brands UNLESS something incredible just drops out of the ether.

So I can see where folks like you, come from, Jim and YardCoyote. I just don't see how you find the hours in the day to do all that.

One other thing, COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC to this thread, but Nikon just upgraded its D4s to a top sensitivity of 409,600 ISO and increased its frame rate to 11 FPS with 200 continuous RAW shots before the buffer fills up, but they DIDN'T change other things they didn't think needed changing.

One of those is megapixels... the camera's still at 16.3 MP. Now I can GUARANTEE YOU that Nikon upgrades THAT CAMERA based ENTIRELY on feedback from its pro shooters. ONLY NIKON PRO SHOOTERS (and rich folks who like expensive toys) buy a $6,500 body-only camera. I'm certain IF Nikon pros like Joe McNally thought more MP were important, Nikon would have boosted them, which, of course, begs the question... WHY did Nikon so quickly bring out a next-highest model (the D800) with 36MP, and very shortly after make ALL its APS-C cameras 24MP? Obviously, on the more amateur-oriented APS-C side, more megapixels can persuade many folks that means a "better camera" or "better sensor." But at the $3,000 PRO level of a D800 I can't see how that could be true. Considering that many of the folks who shoot the D4s (and Canon's equivalent, which has only a few more MP) are shooting for MAJOR MAGAZINES and many of their photos end up blown up rather large, at times, one might think they WOULD want more MP. But apparently they've decided 16MP is plenty.

So what does that mean for those of us who're now shooting 24 MP? I'm CERTAIN the sensor on the D4s is better... more "industrial grade," etc. Other than that how does our 24MP sensor (or the one in the D7100, etc., compare?



PS -- Hope this wasn't hijacking this thread... I feel like I got a bit OT, but also talked ABOUT the topic.

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