(OT) [tune of song] Blood moon and cloudy skies...

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(OT) [tune of song] Blood moon and cloudy skies...

Oh why oh why will not my eye behold your vie......(w) 

From 12 and 5333333333333 a.m., until about 6 of the same, upon the 15th of the month, the date taxpayers fear, we'd have had our bloody moon but ah the clouds had other idea(r)s 

Blood mooooooooooooon, I'll miss you soooooooooooo. I'd planned to mount my biggest lens on pod and goooooooooooooo. My driveway would have beeeeen, my perch for half evenin', but with nuthin' but clouds'n'rain there's little chance I'll see you againnnnnnn this time, soooo

Next time, I'll look you up... You're sposed to be around three more times in the next 18 months. We must just hope the best, leave Mother Nature the rest, and all the rest of us in SE can do for now is ask all you out west or up north to shoot away and share on the forum...


(REALLY CRAPPY, poor rhyme and meter adaptation of "Full Moon and Empty Arms" is OVER), but seriously...

The eclipse is scheduled to begin at 12:53 a.m. EDT, go full somewhere around 2 a.m., or so, and not totally end until about 6 a.m. It's also supposed to be visible, as a total eclipse, across most or all of North America. So adjust your times accordingly (you west-coasters won't have to stay up so late), and get pics if YOU don't have clouds like WE do (not a cloud in the sky, here, until about 3 p.m. today... THEN THE BOTTOM FELL OUT!). Go figure.

Here's to at least SOME OF YOU getting some GREAT "blood moon" shots. Last time I had a chance, I was still shooting bridge, I think... Yep -- I just did a keyword search in my pictures folder, and it was February of 2008, when I was still shooting with a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ30.

Hope those of you who get a good view tonight get some great pics... starts almost two hours away from THIS MINUTE!


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