D800 - two card set-up for Eye-Fi

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Re: D800 - two card set-up for Eye-Fi

elliotn wrote:

Hi. I recently bought an 8Gb EyeFi Mobi SD card to use with my D800. Small Basic jpegs are sent to the EyeFi Mobi card, raws are sent to a CF card. The CF card is designated the Primary slot.

It seems that when I review images on the camera's LCD, I'm being shown the Small Basic jpeg, not the full size nef. I want to see the full size image to check for focus. How can I set this up?

it should do this by default, check the file name on the LCD to make sure you are looking a the JPEG or nef

Also is it possible to do a 2-button format and format both cards simultaneously?

No, it will take two formats to the best of my knowledge

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