D800E and Ziess 21mm

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Re: D800E and Ziess 21mm

tundracamper wrote:

Those are certainly some fantastic shots. I am seriously contemplating a Zeiss 15/2.8 over the Nikon 14-24, since I am already covered on the 24 mm end with other glass. As a Nikon shooter, could you provide any insight as to why you chose the Zeiss or what you prefer regarding the Zeiss over the Nikon 14-24? I already have a 100/2 Makro, so you don't need to elaborate on the quality of the lens as I get that. I realize you are shooting with the 21, but that is still in an overlap range of the 14-24. Any comments would be appreciated.

Thanks tundra..  to be honest at the time it was just that;

1. A friend had a 14-24 he wasn't happy with (perhaps a soft copy)

2. I was using GND filters and didn't want the bother

3. I didn't think I'd use the extreme wide range much...   and I had a 24-120VR for the 24mm end..

Although now I find I'm not using filters at all.. the dynamic range of the D800E I think allows me to do whatever I like in post.. and I didn't like how GND filters darkened parts of tall objects through the scene like trees that i liked in the foreground or something..

I do sometimes wish for something wider.. I do a Rokinon 14mm that doesn't seem to be as sharp as people say they are.. but I did buy it 2nd hand from ebay...

The autofocus doesn't bother me... i find MF very easy for landscape shots...  and even better for low light when I know where infinity is

But yeah it wasn't a clear cut decision for me...   perhaps teh 14-24 would've been a better option I don't know.. but I know I do love the Zeiss...  

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