Odd exposure problem with m4/3

Started Apr 14, 2014 | Discussions thread
Paulmorgan Veteran Member • Posts: 7,203
Re: Odd exposure problem with m4/3

Jim T wrote:

With all of my m4/3 cameras I occasionally get strange exposures when using the Olympus FL50R. The exposures don't look just over exposed they have this weird tone that happens on only some of the images taken in sequence. Attached are two samples taken with my GH3 using the Olympus 12-50 lens. I took 6 shots of this group last night before their concert at our church and all but one of them were messed up. As I indicated all were taken in sequence with no changes to camera or flash settings. Any idea why this happens. I shot with RAW and jpg and while the RAW images can be tweaked, the final jpg images are not as good as the one unaffected image right out of the camera. This has happened mostly with my GH1, GH3.

The first image is cropped and resized but the messed up image is unchanged from OOC jpg (RAW looks the same).

Your flash to subject distance is all over the place and this will effect some of the exposure.

What part of the picture did you want the correct exposure on.

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