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Re: XE1 EVF on half shutter release press end closed Apertures?? does it gets darker?

Beena wrote:

Hi there. I've got an X100 and also an XE1 and the XE1 does indeed darken the EVF to show a preview of exposure. There is a menu option to disable it called "Previewing EXP in manual mode" I find it useful to switch this off when using flash as otherwise you can't see diddly through the EVF.

Many Thanks Beena also for helpful your reply

(Sorry but missed you reply earlier) I didn’t knew that there is such a option in the XE-1, very helpful to know .

Since as I said I use mainly the OVF on the X100 and just started to use the EVF just to have I idea of how it is using it (and trying to get a idea if the only EVF of the XE-1 would be sufficient , so playing with the X100 and searching as also reading around about this I found also another way to bypass this EVF darkening on closed down apertures, it works on the X100, I assume it will work also on the XE-1:

You can Af and recompose in dim light/closed apertures by setting the camera to manual focus, autofocus using the AE-L button (up to now no darkening since the camera didn’t made yet the exp. Metering_ and after recompose your frame, meter and shot.

PS: This darkening has actually nothing to do with a exposure preview (if you set f/16 at very dim light and half press the shutter release what you see on the almost blacked out EVF has nothing to do with the correct exposure picture you can get if you take the picture) but I found out that it just as a limitation of the EVF viewing and metering systems (both goes only live view & through the lens) : During the exposure metering, the camera closes the aperture to the set value, and since the EVF sees through the lens (live view) it’s get so dark on shutter half press. Ok it’s only slightly visible on good light and much more at dim light and closed apertures, but practical speaking it’s very rare that this could cause any problem.

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