Selling equipment to A******a, less than straightforward

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James Sherman
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Selling equipment to A******a, less than straightforward

I shipped my RX1 to A******a at the end of March. I picked them because they're supposed to be reputable. I was called by a gentleman who very clearly, and more than once, quoted that they were proud to offer 70% of retail for good camera equipment. That's very good, and better than Amazon, so I went for it. After a week, I got an email from a person named Stephanie stating that they had my camera and that I'd be contacted in 5-7 days.

Eventually, I got another email asking me to call a Mr Gold. As I live in Oregon and have a life, that's awkward, considering the time difference. I expected to have this handled via email, like Amazon. I called last Thursday during their business hours, only to get his voice mail. I waited until this morning, when I finally got another email from Stephanie who again asked me to call Mr Gold (and yet another email from her apologizing for the failure to inform me that they were closing for Passover in less than one hour!).   I sent an email back to her stating that I didn't understand why this couldn't have been handled via email since Mr Gold was difficult to get hold of (and didn't return my call) and that I wasn't at all happy that they were going to hang onto my equipment for weeks primarily due to their own inefficiency. I included what I wanted for the RX1 in my response and asked for them to either send me a check or my camera. I got an out of office response to that and as I was reading it she  called me (which proves they had my number and could have called earlier). I explained that I wasn't inclined to play endless phone tag.  She expressed her surprise that I had already called and she then transferred me to Mr Gold.

Here's the truly annoying part. Mr Gold offered me a very low ball number. I said that was not in the range I had been led to expect and he immediately told me that they had never offered 70% of retail, only their used price. I complained, stating that not once but twice the word retail was used when they first called me and that if that was truly not the case they should inform their own employees of it. He essentially stated that I was a liar and that he had heard what I was told. Yeah, right, BS. He kept talking over me, wouldn't let me speak, and was quite rude. I told him to ship it back, which probably won't happen until after Passover.  

IMHO, this whole setup is designed to be a bait and switch. I think that this is exactly why they refuse to deal via email, so nothing is in writing. It's all set up so they can get you on the phone, talk fast and try to pressure and hustle you. I really don't appreciate their stalling the deal so that everything is hurry-hurry or we'll make you wait weeks.  I truly don't appreciate being lied to and accused of being a liar myself.  No ethical company behaves that way.

Anyone who feels the need to defend the way they handled this, don't bother on my account. I will not deal with them again, new or used.

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