Odd exposure problem with m4/3

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Re: Odd exposure problem with m4/3

I'm just guessing, too, but to me it doesn't look like a flash problem but a camera setting problem - it looks like the camera has done some sort of auto exposure 'correction' that just looks odd.

The exif data is a bit different for each - were they both shot raw or was one a camera jpg?  Were you using any kind of portrait mode or HDR mode or anything like that?  Both say they were shot using spot metering, one says with face detect, the other doesn't have the maker notes available.  I haven't used the GH3 but one Panasonic camera i had several years ago overrode most settings when using face detect and did do some exposure 'corrections' if I recall.  I'd take a good look at your camera settings and make sure you aren't using anything where the camera 'corrects' things for you.

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