Odd exposure problem with m4/3

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Re: A wild guess

Jim T wrote:

Both shot at 1/60 but one of them reports at 10/600, not sure why the difference. Flash was in Auto mode I think, never use FP mode.

I was worrying about the fact there are incandescent pot lamps in the ceiling but kept the out of the shot I thought, same thing with the daylight from the windows off to the right side. Have the camera set at the 23 point exposure setting, but tried the face recog setting as well but didn't help.

I thought I was rushing the shots without fully recharging the flash for one of the exposures and it showed in the shot review, so I waited for the flash to fully recharge before taking the next shots (over the protests of the subjects that thought I was working fast enough). Waiting for the flash to fully charge didn't help at all.

Flash LED stopped blinking, right?

This can happen when flash capacitor is dischargerd during the burst series and flash didn't have enough power for the last shot. Ideally camera should have stopped shooting, but sometimes it continues (minor issue IMO).

If you look at raw file in RawDigger it should be dark. Camera brightened JPEG (and might include brightness increase in raw metadata so it looks the same in raw processors), but since the shot is severely underexposed it looks flat due to lack of dynamic range.

Only setting I see that I'm not fully versed in on the GH3 is the Flash-Auto Exposure Comp. which is set at ON.

So, since you waited for flash to recharge this setting probably caused the problem. I guess, after shooting with underpowered flash camera started to "like" very low flash intensity for some reasons.

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