Odd exposure problem with m4/3

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Re: A wild guess

Both shot at 1/60 but one of them reports at 10/600, not sure why the difference.  Flash was in Auto mode I think, never use FP mode.

I was worrying about the fact there are incandescent pot lamps in the ceiling but kept the out of the shot I thought, same thing with the daylight from the windows off to the right side.  Have the camera set at the 23 point exposure setting, but tried the face recog setting as well but didn't help.

I thought I was rushing the shots without fully recharging the flash for one of the exposures and it showed in the shot review, so I waited for the flash to fully recharge before taking the next shots (over the protests of the subjects that thought I was working fast enough).  Waiting for the flash to fully charge didn't help at all.

Only setting I see that I'm not fully versed in on the GH3 is the Flash-Auto Exposure Comp. which is set at ON.

James Pilcher wrote:

I see that the properly exposed photo was made at 1/60 second. The "odd" photo was made at 1/600 second. I'll guess you had the camera/flash in FP mode so it will sync at all shutter speeds. FP mode severely limits the distance that the flash can cover. So, I'm guessing on the second one, the flash went off, but underexposed because of distance, and that is the result you see. Ambient light could be having some effect on color also since the flash was so weak.

This is just a wild guess to help you consider all possibilities while you sort out the problem.

Jim Pilcher
Summit County, Colorado, USA

Jim T wrote:

With all of my m4/3 cameras I occasionally get strange exposures when using the Olympus FL50R. The exposures don't look just over exposed they have this weird tone that happens on only some of the images taken in sequence. Attached are two samples taken with my GH3 using the Olympus 12-50 lens. I took 6 shots of this group last night before their concert at our church and all but one of them were messed up. As I indicated all were taken in sequence with no changes to camera or flash settings. Any idea why this happens. I shot with RAW and jpg and while the RAW images can be tweaked, the final jpg images are not as good as the one unaffected image right out of the camera. This has happened mostly with my GH1, GH3.

The first image is cropped and resized but the messed up image is unchanged from OOC jpg (RAW looks the same).

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