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Re: Sorry ?

britcam wrote:

On the question of the depth and range of past Pentax lens offerings, no one would dispute that at all.

But that is unlikely to draw in many new buyers to the Pentax system, which Pentax so desperately needs. Legacy & MF lenses are great for many users, but in the final analysis, what is more & more evident is the lack of a fully updated range of reliable, quick focusing and silent lenses, that will stand comparison with the best from the big boys.

Add to that the continuing & unresolved talking points of SDM failure, mirror flap etc, and one can understand the reluctance of many who are looking at Pentax as a new system. I doubt that many are interested in searching out older lens offerings, rather they might come to the inevitable conclusion that Pentax is seriously lacking on current offerings. They may well turn to third party lenses, as I have done occasionally, but that in itself doesn't paint Pentax in a very good light.

Not altogether surprising that Fuji is getting so much attention given that their entire superb lens lineup has been in the making for only three years ...

Maybe the review has done Pentax a big favour in waking them up to what needs to be done.

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Rich S (britcam)

Well I do have to agree with YOUR post, as well, Rich.

NEW DSLR customers who weren't legacy Pentax shooters AREN'T going to be looking at the "wealth of legacy glass," as I think I put it. As for mirror flap, I've not yet had that issue, so maybe it's something only some cameras have sometimes -- perhaps a QC issue -- but still, if enough folks are dealing with it, it should have been caught and fixed before cameras were shipped.

I think they ironed out SDM failure, or so I'm told. Not sure if my two SDM lenses were made before or after that happened, but neither has failed yet.

But I DO agree that much of the current Pentax lens lineup is QUITE "long-in-the-tooth" and needs to be upgraded to something more comparable in AF speed and silence to what the other major brands have. And as you said, if Fuji can come out with a large lens line in three years, Ricoh can certainly do this for Pentax.

Imagine the excitement if right now, while the K-3 is HOT from a good review, Ricoh released a half dozen new, fast, high-quality lenses that don't use screw drive and perhaps have even replaced SDM with HSM, or similar. That excitement wouldn't come only from current Pentax shooters, but also from anyone and everyone who's looking into getting into DSLRs, as well as those who may be considering a switch.

Under the initial "First Impressions" review for the K-3 there were MANY current Canon and Nikon shooters, plus more than a few from other brands, who said the K-3 had them seriously considering switching brands (and some who said they'd already made that decision). If Ricoh really wants to push people over that fence, a revamp of the lens line much greater than what's shown on the current lens "road map" would certainly be where to start.


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