To those that have 270exII and use the slave mode

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Re: To those that have 270exII and use the slave mode

BPLOL wrote:

Hello people! Would you kindly help me?

I have a ST-E2, a 580ex and 430ex. I use both in manual mode, so I can set the power level to my needs.

You can't set the power level of any flash manually through the ST-E2. Are you setting the power on these flashes as independent slaves, or do you use them on camera only when you do this? Or are you using the 580 EX as the master, the 430 EX as a slave and the ST-E2 for decorative purposes?

Recently I´ve been thinking about getting a 270exII to use with my 6D, and I would also like to use it on my setups when needed as a third off-câmera light (maybe to do hair light, or little fill).

These are my questions:

1) From what I´ve read, the 270exII have the option to set its power (manual mode) within the camera's flash menu. Will the flash retain the power level chosen AFTER I´ve removed it from the camera? (and after turning it to slave mode). This way I could set it the way I want it, remove it from the camera and put it into position.

No, as soon as you set it to slave, it will take commands from the ST-E2, and the ST-E2 doesn't support setting slave flashes' power level manually. It supports E-TTL only. Neither can it control three flash groups independently, but only groups A and B.

2) If I cannot manually set the power level in slave mode, will the 270exII at least work automatically (ETTL), even on a setup where the 580ex and 430ex are setted with manual power?

Flashes like the 580 EX and 430 EX (perhaps the 270 EX II as well - I don't know, I've never used any) can be set to be independent slaves. In that mode, where they don't belong to any flash group at all, you can set each slave's power level manually, but you have to do it on the flash itself. The power level can't be transmitted from the ST-E2. You can still trig them from the ST-E2, though, and the ST-E2 can at the same time control flashes belonging to groups A and B in E-TTL mode.

Thank you!

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Peace! Hakuna matata!

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