Automatic vs Manual?

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Automatic vs Manual?

I was doing some reading over the weekend and came to a blog entry that Ken Rockwell published a couple of years ago. I don't want to get into the love/hate discussion since there is already a discussion on that already.

What I found interesting is most photo sites, when discussing "taking better pictures" suggest taking control of the camera and not using "automatic" as soon as possible. The Ken Rockwell article I read stated the following..

Today I shoot all my cameras on full automatic (matrix/evaluative metering, program exposure, and Auto ISO) and alter the lighten/darken (exposure compensation) control if needed.

No longer does anyone need to worry about ISOs, apertures or shutter speeds; most cameras do this automatically. All you need to know is when to apply a little bit of correction to the camera's decisions, and you do this by looking at your LCD.

Modern exposure technique is optimizing the exposure compensation as needed, not setting exposure manually. The manual part is making the slight corrections to the automatic exposure, not setting apertures or shutter speeds as in the 1950s

This seemed to be counter from what many others have suggested with most stating something to the effect that the camera cannot know what you are trying to photograph so you should take more control. Rockwell seems to indicate that the programmed modes have become advanced enough that all you really need to do is tewak the compensation.

Wondering what others much more experienced than I are using? Which side of the green box are you? Do you stick to one side or mix it up?

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