Ricoh K3 AF Even Lags Behind Fuji XT-1

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Re: poor argument

John_A_G wrote:

Gman58 wrote:

Mr Z. I hear what you are saying, and after reading the litany of lamentations about AF speed and accuracy, I was thinking along the same lines. How in the world did photogs do it before AF? MF! What a bunch of crybabies. Learn how to use your camera! How to pre-focus! How to anticipate! --- Practice! Geez.

This is a rather poor argument. AF really hit the masses in the 80s. Action photographers haven't had to rely on manual focus for 20 years. Your argument is like saying: how did people get around before the automobile - geez, get yourself a horse and buggy already. Yes, people took action photos by using manual focus but the fact is - they had a LOT less keepers and quality was lower. Quality predictive AF systems are infinitely better than manual focus technique.

Or, let's talk about ISO performance - oh my, what did people do back in the film days? They shot ISO 800 and pushed in development (and got horrible grainny photos) and they LIKED it.

The truth of the matter is - when shooting sports or wildlife, there are often several moments of key action in a given sequence. And those moments can take place in different focal planes. Having an AF system that can track the subject moving through focal planes accurately provides photographers with benefits much better than people had 30 years ago. It's a highly beneficial feature for people that want to shoot action. If you're a Pentax user that really enjoys the brand but wants better continuous AF performance there's no reason why you SHOULDN'T let those wishes be known to your manufacturer.

If you are a pro, and need the best possible equipment for your needs- your income depends on it- then that equipment is available, always has been. I feel better.



Actually, we didn't like it at all. We had no choice in the matter, that's all that was offered. So we held our noses while trying to sell that grainy looking substandardly-sharp-as-a-bowl-of-day-old-oatmeal prints to our customers... the ones we had to "educate" about how awesome it all was. 
Do you have any idea how relieved I am to be shooting a 6D these days? 
I can't tell you how many times back in those days I said to myself "how, in good conscious, am I supposed to sell this crap?"

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