Investing in a 6D or 5D Mark III

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Re: Investing in a 6D or 5D Mark III

l_d_allan wrote:

Thomas Streng wrote:
The 24-105 is a good lens, but the 24-70/2.8II is really exceptionally good for a zoom.

I'd be inclined to get the 6d with the kit lens (24-105mm f4 IS). The bundle at about $2000 is compelling. Also, it's really useful to have IS with the 24-105mm.

People keep talking about the $2000 bundle yet I can't find anywhere unless it's used or. It's $2500 on . I saw cheaper prices online but it was either used or I couldn't really trust the webshop (due to the big amount of bad reviews) 
So if you or anyone has a tip I'd be more then happy to look it up!
After all the debating I came to the conclusion that  6D would be the best fit for me- right now. So I'm trying to find the best deal. I wouldn't mind getting a used one but I'm not sure if saving roughly a $100 is worth it. But then again I can't find a new one cheaper then 2500 so... Dont really know...

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