What mirrorless body to get for your manual focus lenses?

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StevenMajor wrote:

Image quality is important to me. The lenses you list, as well as most older manual focus lenses are sub par compared to my standards... just as most new auto focus lenses have less resolving power than current high end sensors. The other consideration is the cost of adapters needed to attach older lenses to new cameras usually cost more than the older lenses themselves.

Gear heads enjoy these camera lens possibilities, photographers who take their work seriously don't waist their time. They realize it's not so much about the equipment, it's about composition and light.

I don't get you... first you say that old lenses (old equipment) is not good enough... and afterwards that " it's not so much about the equipment, it's about composition and light" (statement that I totally agree with)... isn't this a bit contradictory?

I agree that for a professional photographer is most likely not the case to use legacy lenses with adapters because for sure it's not an optimal solution at all, but for an amateur, like I suppose the OP is, it makes total sense. The adapter I use cost me 30euro and allowed me to have already a good selection of primes for my xpro1 body (that, btw, performs pretty well) that otherwise I would have never afforded.

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