Fuji x10 6MP RAW DR400 EXR mode vs old 6MP DSLR

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Re: Fuji x10 6MP RAW DR400 EXR mode vs old 6MP DSLR

I've done a good number of large prints from the X10, up to 40x30 inches in B&W and I'm quite happy with the results. At the risk of repeating myself: shot at L(12MP) and properly exposed and PPed the output from my X10 is about up on par with the average casual stuff I've shot with my Nikons on 35mm B&W film, mostly Tri-X back in the day. Good enough ? A serious camera ? It depends. It's definetely good enough for most of my documentary stuff as well as for some of my projects, still a great joy to shoot and sees more use than my X-Pro1 or the NEX-7. Chacun a son gout.

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