Fuji x10 6MP RAW DR400 EXR mode vs old 6MP DSLR

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I know EXR modes are complicated and poorly documented but I've never before seen any suggestion that you can invoke a EXR hardware mode in anything other than 6MP. How would this make any sense considering the EXR works by having 2 interleaved 6MP sensors that are either pixel binned to 6MP or HDR'd to 6MP. 12MP mode is using all 12 MP as a single sensor, there can be no pixel binning or HDR blending occurring at the hardware level. Setting DR200 in 12Mp mode is simply invoking "Highlight priority" type modes where the camera underexposed to protect the highlights and raises the tone curve to brighten the image. This isn't extended DR range, it's favouring highlight over shadows at the cost of more noise.

... I don't have all the answers but I do know it works and I have thousands of images I am happy with using my settings from a half dozen different EXR cameras.

In my five+ years of Fuji EXR camera use, I have ignored the Fuji EXR settings, simply set EXR DR to DR 200% in L size and been more than happy with the results

I'm happy to learn if there is something I've missed about EXR but I'll need more than assertion....

You can check my galleries.

There are many armchair bandits who will tell you different but challenge them to show you SOOC images and, not surprisingly, the argument goes mute. Has always been the same

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