Resolution, pixel density and lenses: D800 vs. D610

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Re: I'm late to answer this thread, but my thoughts are..

Jim Kaye wrote:

I had a D800 already when the D600 came out, and given the shutter problem I'm glad I wasn't tempted to get one. But now that that seems to be resolved in the D610, I have sometimes wondered whether I'd be fine with somewhat lower resolution and would prefer the smaller body. Here's why I haven't switched (all little things, but they add up):

The D800 fits my hands better (and I don't have very large hands). I also have a D7100, which I usually use when I'm traveling because it's smaller/lighter (and that's worth the tradeoffs to me, especially since some of the equivalent AOV lenses are also smaller and lighter). The size/controls layout on the D7100 are quite similar to those of the D610. The Preview button on the D7100 is placed where I hit it accidentally too easily, so I don't assign any function to it, and its placement under my middle finger adds to the feeling that the grip is not quite deep enough for my hands. I don't like having the ISO button on the back where I find it harder to find and use with the camera to my eye than the position of the ISO button on top of the D800. I use the "OK" button on both the D7100 and D800 to magnify to mid-size during playback with one button press (and back), which I understand can't be programmed on the D610 (strangeā€¦this was a limitation on the D7000 that Nikon fortunately fixed in the D7100). And why the 1/200 sync speed on the D610? Every other Nikon DSLR I have owned in recent memory had a 1/250 sync speed. It just seems a senseless limitation (even though it's only a third of a stop difference), though maybe there is some engineering reason for it that I can't fathom...

Basically I know I enjoy using the D800 more than I would the D610, so I'm glad that's the one I have. Which is not to say that the D610 isn't a great camera and that many people won't be perfectly happy with it. (I'd probably be fine with it, too, if it were my only choice -- as I said, these things I've commented on are all pretty insignificant in the grand scheme.)

I haven't worried much about what the relative performance of my lenses on one or the other is or would be -- to me, the biggest difference is the available resolution, and it's good to have more pixels available when I need them.

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Jim Kaye
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Thanks for your thoughts on this, Jim!

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