Fuji x10 6MP RAW DR400 EXR mode vs old 6MP DSLR

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DMillier ...

... Interesting. I don't have the X10 but do have the XF1 (same sensor). I also had a D100, many years back.

For me, if I look at a D100 Raw and compare it to the XF1 Raw, it is 'chalk and cheese'. Keep in mind that I shoot the XF1 at L size (12 mp). M size is a no no

Also, I use the following settings for the XF1, of course mainly for the Jpeg's - XF1 Settings

Images with these settings : -

http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/8449375668/albums/xf1-chinatown-0713 and;  http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/8449375668/albums/xf1-edits

DMillier wrote:

Hi there

In case anyone has been wondering (as I had been), where modern cameras stand in relation to older classics, I've done a little test. I spent some time comparing the output of my X10 (set to 6MP medium Raw + jpeg and EXR DR400 mode) to my ancient Nikon D100 APS-C DSLR from 2003.

The idea behind this was simply to reassure myself that the X10 is a serious camera, not just some pocketable p&S. I'd like to be able to use the X10 for "serious" use without the nagging doubt that image quality isn't up to it and I should be using my XE1 or K5. I like to print, frame and hang my best shots on the wall but I don't print large. My prints are typically A4 (c. 11 inches) max. My early testing of the D100 showed my that print quality maxed out at 13 inches wide. You can obviously print much larger than this but a 13 inch wide print from the D100 shows its abilities at their finest.

I've had the D100 stored away in a cupboard for some time but I dug it out (original battery, still charged!), stuck in on a tripod and set to work. I used only base ISO as that is where I prefer to shoot.

Conclusion: Using the 6MP raw mode, at base ISO I can see no discernable difference between the output of my X10 and my 11 year old 6MP DSLR. So, at the settings I typically shoot, the pocketable x10 will make prints indistinguishable from a huge and heavy DSLR of the same pixel count.

That's nice to know, I can happily shoot with the X10 guilt free...

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Cheers, Dave

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