Disapointed in my Df.

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And yet, knowing how to properly manual focus wins 100% of the time!

I respect what your saying, but us older folks who no longer have perfect vision cannot rely on our eyes to nail focus in all lighting situations...thank goodness for auto focus!!!

...it is us, older folks who know how to properly focus manually. The young ones never used a camera with a proper VF. They rely on focus assist LEDs so in reality they act as a focus motor only. Manual focus is something different.

I've used cameras with a rangefinder and a split prism for manual focus. Even more crazily, I use the VF on my Df and achieve accurate manual focus...

Yes, I also use the D800 and the V1 for manual focus, but while it is possible, it is very far from optimal, and like I said a countless times, using the LED indicator in manual focus mode is a sort of AF also, because really in that case you are acting like the AF motor, accepting what the AF sensor can see, not what the VF screen shows. The VF screen is not made for manual focus, but that does not mean it is impossible to use, just that it is more difficult and definitely very far from a good solution to AF issues.

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