Can a opportunist photographer justify 2 systems?

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Re: Can a opportunist photographer justify 2 systems?

ianbrown wrote:

I use the word "opportunist" as I don't get up early misty mornings or go out late at night with tripod and sandbags etc etc.

Here is the typical type of photos I take

However I do like to take nice images and want to get the best IQ possible, however the option for a high quality camera with a lens selection that allows you to be versatility in a small light package still doesn't exist IMHO.

For example the EF selection of lenses is still a little limited if you want AF for landscape or telephoto for wildlife. Yes I know there is the 70-200 and 24-70 but they are expensive so the A7r package would be almost £4000

So I am thinking about having 2 systems, one for travel snaps when on bright days the OMD EM10 or A6000 with pancake lens would suffice ?

Then as a main system use say the Canon 6D and 24mm IS, 35mm IS, 50mm and 70-200 IS f4, this I would use for higher ISO shots and where a tele is needed.

Problem for me is I may mostly use the compact system as it's lightweight and the DSLR system would be left unused for 80% of the time, so how do you justify having two systems ?

Anyone with experience of using both or those who wouldn't please leave your comments

Any guidance appreciated

Thread also posted in Sony forum

Hi. I use two systems: a Canon EOS one and a Fuji X one. I use both of them (actually a bit more the Canon DSLR).

Honestly I think that (unless you have a lot of money) it doesn't really make sense to buy a full DSLR system to leave it at home most of the time. What's wrong with the IQ of mirrorless systems for your purpose? The level now is anyway really high, so you should really consider if the small gap between a good mirrorless system and a FF DSLR system is really worth an investment of several thousands of $$...

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