Would you recommend buying X-E1?

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Re: Would you recommend buying X-E1?
  • Exposure compensation dial offers expanded range of +/-3
  • Shutter speed dial adds 1/180sec X-sync position, and increases separation of 'A' position
  • Separate AE-L and AF-L buttons
  • AF point selection moved to 4-way controller (reflects recent X-E1 firmware revisions)
  • Old AF point selection button is now customizable Fn2 - sets white balance by default
  • Four customizable buttons in total (Fn1, Fn2, AF, AE)
  • Repositioned 'Q' button (less likely to be pressed accidentally)
  • View mode button removed (now a menu setting)
  • Low-speed (3 fps) continuous shooting mode, with focus tracking and live view between frames
  • AF-C no longer limited to centre of frame - uses same 49 point array as AF-S
  • Configurable Auto ISO (max and min ISO, minimum shutter speed)
  • Exposure preview in Manual exposure mode (can be disabled in menu)
  • Three manual focus aids (magnified view, peaking display, digital split-image)
  • Face detection autofocus/autoexposure available (enabled as menu setting)
  • JPEG-only bracketing modes hidden when shooting RAW
  • 'Advanced Filter' creative shooting modes (JPEG-only)
  • Multiple exposure mode moved to drive menu, grouped with panorama mode
  • 14-bit Raw recording
  • 1.8x faster file write times
  • Improved EVF framerates in low light (60 fps vs 20 fps)
  • Zoomed-in focus check view available in AF mode (by clicking rear dial)
  • Conventional playback and file naming of images shot in continuous drive mode
  • Images can be deleted when viewing them zoomed-in
  • Exposure settings can be changed when AE-L is engaged

= advantages e2 over E1

and the next Update will bring more Features of the T1 for the E2, nit for the older E1.

better Refresh rate f.ex.


source dpreview

check these Points out for yourself, for me the x-e2 was the better deal.

i bought it Second Hand too for around 900$ for the Kit and am happy with it.

One of the Main reasons against the E1 was the smaller lcd with 4:3 instead of a larger 3:2,

it make s a Huge difference in practise, took them side by side, the E1 Looks a little bit outdated against the e2.

I checked the T1 too, but this is definetly a much bulkier cam, more then I thought from Paper & Data.

its more like the e-M1 and thats to Big for me for carrying always with me.

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