Was contemplating sel20f28 or sel16f28, then did some test shots with sel1855

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Re: Was contemplating sel20f28 or sel16f28, then did some test shots with sel1855

In my personal experience, the only reason I haven't sold the 16F28 is because I have the fisheye adapter for it and probably will get the UWA Adapter at some point, and it'll be cheaper than dedicated lenses for Fisheye and UWA. Unless you're on a tripod or your shooting style makes it nonusable, the OSS on the SEL1855 probably makes up for the smaller aperture and 'non-primeness.'

I've usually heard pretty good things about the 1855, as far as Kit lenses go. I know I'm happy with mine, and the Canon guys I know seemed to think it worked well enough when they played with my camera and looked at some of the output.

If you want cheapish fisheye and/or UWA with autofocus, the 16 may be the way to go. That said it's my least used lens at this point... Usually it's the 50 1.8 or the 18-55, with the 55-210 for some wildlife/orchestra shots... the 16 usually sits there but now that the weather's nicer and I can actually do outdoors, maybe that will change.

Note that while the 20F28 also lacks OSS, supposedly it has better overall QC/Quality compared to the 16mm, and both have the distinction of being the 'shortest' E-mount lenses, which is a factor for some situations.

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