E-M1 - Bracketing / Not HDR - Remote shutter release

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E-M1 - Bracketing / Not HDR - Remote shutter release

I've just spent an afternoon of arduous trial and error figuring this out so I figured I'd share it with you to spare you the pain I've endured. If you are interested in this you probably want to bookmark this post.

Some of what I'm about to write applies to other uses but I am writing it specifically for using the E-M1 for bracketing (which is different from HDR) when using this inexpensive remote shutter release.

These are how I have my camera set up.

  1. Menu - Shooting Menu 2 - Bracketing (On) - AE Bracket (7f 0.7EV)
  2. Menu - Custom Menu - B. Button/Dial/Lever - 2+ (On)
  3. Change the lever by your AEL/AFL button to 2
  4. Now the HDR button on top left of your camera will turn bracketing on and off
  5. Turn it on and you will see a white BKT indicator in the upper left corner of your display
  6. Set the camera shooting mode to continuous H (high speed)
  7. Set up the camera the way you want for your shot. For some great tips from Anders see this thread (or others)

Now if you press and hold down your shutter release it will fire off 7 consecutive shots and stop.

The problem is you are likely moving your camera a bit while you do this.

This is where the remote shutter release comes in.

Plug in the part that attaches to the camera. Do not attach it to your accessory port on the top of the camera. Now if you press and hold down your shutter release on the remote it will fire off 7 consecutive shots and stop.

Now attach it to the accessory port on the top of the camera and take out the remote.

Now turn on the remote. It has four settings.

  1. Single - if you press this now (or press and hold it down) it will take one shot
  2. Continuous - if you press this and hold it down it will keep taking shots but will not stop after your seven brackets are complete
  3. Bulb - This is the secret trick I discovered. Although, not intended for this purpose it will cause the camera to take your seven bracketed shots and then stop.
  4. Off - Which will allow you to lock focus but not fire a shot

There is one trick though. The reason Bulb works is because the remote keeps sending a shutter release signal to the camera but the camera stops as programmed, at seven. Therefore, once complete your camera will seem to be frozen. No buttons will work. The trick here is to press the shutter release on the remote again. This will stop the remote from sending the shutter release signal and return the camera to normal operation.

The one gotcha is that if you need to be sure that it has completed the brackets (or at least on the last shot) before pressing the shutter release a second time or it will interrupt your bracket. It will finish the current shot but won't start a new one if there is one left.

This was painful to learn. I hope I documented it well enough to save you the trouble I had.

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