Would you recommend buying X-E1?

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Re: Would you recommend buying X-E1?

mrstone wrote:

I know X-E1 is couple of years old, but it does share its sensor with the latest big brother - X-T1, and in my books this means same (or similar) image quality. Plus, being replaced by X-E2, you can now get X-E1 with a considerable discount.

I am interested in your opinion, whether it makes better sense to invest into older camera (and relevant kit lens), instead of buying it's newer counterparts.

(of course the decision is made harder by the fact that discounted X-E1 still costs more that brand new Sony A6000)

thank you

I have two and I keep my 35mm on one and my 60mm on the other.  I love them.  But having said that, I would love to have the X-T1, just for the larger EVF and tilting screen alone.  I would say get the best model you can afford.

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[[[If I am commenting on your X trans photos, I consider it a shame there are a few users out there who say test charts keep them away from X trans, this then encompasses all photos like these, amazing but true.]]]

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