worth buying a used 1D Mark II N?

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worth buying a used 1D Mark II N?

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum but I spent hours(sss) reading several threads about 1D bodies.

I am thinking to upgrade my 1000D body to a 1D Mark II N and I would be very thankfull for your feedback.

So more about my background and use. I shoot mainly animals in action like dogs, horses etc. and some kid's/portraits/macros. I am not at all a pro, but I have a very modest freelance activity.

I need much better IQ and AF. With my old rebel, I think I am more successfull focusing manually on a running dog than with the AF of the camera... Using some L-serie lenses were a dramatic increase of my IQ, but the camera is now limitating the IQ... I do not crop pictures, but recompose them if needed. I do not use LiveView, nor video. I do not print hudge posters out of my pictures. High ISO is not really important, even I would like to go to 1600 or 3200. I do not watch pictures so much on the camera screen, as the rebel's screen is useless when the sun is shining.

I am not crazy about datasheets and fancy marketing stuff. I just want to be blown away by the IQ of sharp action pictures.

I am looking for the best AFFORDABLE body with good AF and great IQ. That's why I consider buying a used 1D Mark II N. If budget would not be an issue I would go for a 1D Mark IV.

My questions:
- what is your experience with this body compared to my needs? Are the IQ and AF of the 1D Mark II N still actual?
- will I be disappointed and should I look for more budget and a 1D Mark III?
- is such a body used by a pro with 68000 actuations but looking really good on pictures (without any scratches on the body, so probably studio work) for 550USD a good deal? What should I check?

Thank you in advance for your precious help.


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