one stop of dynamic range going to make a deference?

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Re: Probably not

darklamp wrote:

Overall I'd say it not that important ( compared to getting the lens you want and your shot technique ). However there might be some scenes ( not many ) where it was important.

Personally I think the 13 Ev rating of the A6000 is ample for anything I;d expect to shoot and if I needed more I really need to use HDR blending and not just squeeze 1 EV out of it.

The difference between 10EV DR and 11EV is probably more significant in practice than the difference between 13EV and 14EV.

Landscapes tend to allow HDR techniques, whereas settings like weddings can be more demanding on DR but not suitable for HDR techniques ( groom's dark outfit and bride dress ). So I'd not worry about this in landscapes at all.

Totally agree. I used to shoot weddings with a Fuji S5 Pro, where it's at the time 2 stop DR advantage over anything else made up for other shortcomings. As far as landscapes go, while good DR is great, I always prioritized a camera with great resolution and then get the colors and DR I want  through post processing of raw images. Similar to prioritizing speed and AF for sports, different horses for different courses.

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