What are your experiences with V1 or V2 as a main travel cam?

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Re: I travel often...

olyflyer wrote:

...both for business and pleasure. I really don't have any preference, some times I take only the DSLR (D800 now and D300s before that) some times only the V1 kit and some times both. Take the one you feel most for, if weight is an issue then the answer is given. What I experienced was that when I take both kits I only use the V1. It is more convenient, no doubt about that, and really, there are only very rare occasions in life when it is really not enough or the IQ is becoming a problem.

I am not noise allergic and also know how to get pleasant results out of ISO3200 images also, so I don't mind some noise and also not scared of using high ISO, my camera is almost always in Auto ISO A3200 mode. I have never regretted bringing the "wrong" camera with me. It's a decision I make at home or in the hotel room, and if I decide leaving the DSLR at the hotel room then that's it, there is nothing to regret.

What I never do is that I NEVER go around looking like a Christmas three with camera bags and several bodies hanging around my neck. In my opinion, those people look ridiculous and I honestly feel sorry for them for not knowing how to enjoy a holiday trip. Holidays supposed to be joy and fun, not pain and constant worry about getting robbed.

Good healthy attitude

I usually take both my D800E and lenses and a Nikon 1 kit.  Then typically I leave the room with one of the other and enjoy whichever one I have with me.  I don't carry a bag, that's left back in the room, so I usually have various belt pouches as my approach and my Black Rapid strap (which is a MUST for the D800E).  I have a couple different sized holster belt-packs for my V1 kit.

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