Full Frame vs. Crop Sensor for Amateur Sports Photography

Started Apr 10, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Full Frame vs. Crop Sensor for Amateur Sports Photography

Thank you for the great replies!!  This forum is great, unfortunately it's hard to get the best of both worlds cheap 

Things would be easier if Canon had a nice EF-11-24 2.8, so I would not have to debate over the Sigma 18-35 1.8 (non FF lens).  I really liked the 6D but the auto focus and burst rate were a little disappointing, specially the auto focus.  I could live with less reach with my 70-200 if the auto focus was a little more appropriate for sports in that way I wouldn't be sacrificing reach and also AF cross points (even my T4i has nine).

Well, we'll see what Canon has to offer this year, the release of the new 7D Mark II specs may settle the debate for me.  I am leaning towards staying in the crop market for now, unless Canon releases a 6D Mark II with more cross AF points, which is probably not happening in the near future.  5D Mark III still too expensive for me, considering that photography it's a hobby.


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